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Crystal Luxury Cruises Serenity
Monte Carlo to Venice

August 31 September 12 2024

12 Cruises
Accommodations DATE PORT ARR DEP
August 2024
31 Fri Monte Carlo, Monaco (overnight) Embark pm

September 2024

1 Sat Monte Carlo, Monaco   5 pm
2 Sun Rome/Civitavecchia, Italy 8 am 9 pm
3 Mon Cruising the Mediterranean Sea    
4 Tue Sorrento, Italy 8 am 6 pm
5 Wed Cruising the Mediterranean Sea    
6 Thu Santorini/Thíra, Greece 8 am 6 pm
7 Fri Návplion, Greece 8 am 5 pm
8 Sat Cruising the Mediterranean Sea    
9 Sun Corfu, Greece 8 am 5 pm
10 Mon Dubrovnik, Croatia 8 am 5 pm
11 Tue Venice, Italy (overnight) 12 n  
12 Wed Venice, Italy Disembark am

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