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Luxury Cruise 2023
Crystal Luxury Symphony
March 26 April 9 2023 - 14 Cruises
Singapore to Hong Kong - Voyage V4207

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In the city still affectionately known as Saigon, spend three full Cruises exploring the beauty and history of Ho Chi Minh City, and overnights in both Laem Chabang and Hong Kong. 
Crystal Luxury Symphony - Cruises 2023 Crystal Luxury Symphony Ship, Boat 2023 CRYSTAL LUXURY CRUISES Luxury Symphony 2023, Penthouse
Months Cities Arrival Departure
March 2023
March 26 2023 Singapore (overnight)   Embark pm
March 27 2023 Singapore   6 pm
March 28 2023 Cruising the South China Sea
March 29 2023 Cruising the Gulf of Thailand
March 30 2023 Bangkok/Laem Chabang, Thailand(overnight 8 am  
March 31 2023 Bangkok/Laem Chabang, Thailand   6 pm
April 2023
April 1 2023 Cruising the Gulf of Thailand
April 2 2023 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam(overnight) 11 am  
April 3 2023 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (overnight)    
April 4 2023 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam   3 pm
April 5 2023 Cruising the South China Sea
April 6 2023 Chan May, Vietnam 8 am 9 pm
April 7 2023 Cruising Hainan Strait
April 8 2023 Hong Kong, China (overnight) 8 am  
April 9 2023 Hong Kong, China Disembark am  

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